How To Create A Vision Board


The concept of creating a vision board has been around for years.

We use to write our plans, goals and desires on a piece of paper or a sticky note and pin or tape it on a wall or mirror where we could see or read it every time we go to that area in house where we place it.

At work we wrote it on a sticky note or piece of paper and tape it to the computer to be able to see it while we were working at our desk.

Writing and saying affirmations continues to be a method many use to keep their goals and desires in the forefront of our minds as we work towards that thing or bring about the changes we want in our lives.  

Keeping the object or words in front of us also a part of laws of attraction.

A very good practice or reason to have a vision board is it will help you to see what it is that you want the Law of Attraction to do for you.

Some prefer to have a board for each area of their life.

You can also have a board that focuses on one area at time.

When your brain holds a picture of what you visualize for your self it is easier to stay focus on that particular objective.

Items you can use for your vision board:

1.   Piece of poster board or a board like you see used in a child’s science fair project.

2.  Tape or stick glue.

3.  Labels for your vision board.

4.  You can take pictures of what they want the Law of Attraction to bring into their lives and attach them to their board.

5.  You can use magazines or print images offline.

6.  You can also use photographs.

7.  You can create a beautiful collage of what you want to see happen.

This might be pictures of a new home or a new vehicle or the direction you’d like to see your career take.

8.  Write certain phrases that help you focus as well as bits of words – your own or something else’s – like quotes that help you to affirm your focus to put on your board.

9.  Be as creative as you want on your board.

You can put a lot of energy into it or just have something simple that helps you to visualize what you want.

Images helps you imagine and believe that the image can happen for you.

Make sure you put on your vision board words or images that motivates and inspire you to propel towards your passion.

Categories For Your Vision Board. (Depends on what you want to attract in your life)

1.  Wealth

2.  Love

3.  Relationships

4.  Health

5.  Career

6.  Material possessions

You can have areas of your vision board where you write on the labels and affix them to different picture in one of the categories.

For example, you might want to write, “I will live in a house like this” and fix that label onto the image of a home you want to live in.

Keep your vision board in an area you can see it daily, nightly or both.

You can not go wrong when you make your board.

You can place the pictures in any order and they can even overlap if you want them to.

You can use scrapbook supplies to add color and highlights.

Mix pictures, photos, labels and prints if that is what moves you towards your passion.

There should be no limitations placed on how you create your vision board.

If you want something particular out of life, put it up there.

While some people list a date when they created their vision board and a date when they saw their visualization become reality, don’t make the mistake of putting an expiration date.

Don’t write, “I want to live in this 18,000 square foot home by this date” because the Law of Attraction does no’t work that way.

Again, there is no right or wrong way to create your vision board.

Let your vision board inspire you to accelerate and propel towards your goals. 

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