There Is Nothing Like The Real Thing: When It Comes To Attraction Marketing


 In business what leads a person to be attracted to your business?  There are a number of feelings which lead to positive and negative vibes being emitted.

 What do Vibes Have to With the Law of Attraction?

The fundamental principle of the law of attraction is the belief that life energy attracts like energy.

If a person is emitting positive vibes they will draw good things to them and if they are emitting negative vibes they will draw bad things to them

Learn to attract the people and things in your life you want by exhibiting that energy.  

Have you ever known someone who was always upbeat and positive and seemed to be too lucky to be true?

Someone who loves to complain and look on the darker sides of life that always seemed to have something new to complain about because things were always going wrong in their life.

These examples show people attracting the results of the energy they are giving off.

Positive vibes

Positive vibes are generated from good feelings, such as:








Negative vibes

Negative vibes are generated from negative feelings, such as:



Lack of






6 Ways To Use The Law Of Attraction For You And Your Business

1.  Carry yourself and feel as though you are confident

2.   Take responsibility for your own fate

3.   Believe in yourself and what you are doing

4.   Accept responsibility for what occurs in your life

5.   Respect yourself and others 

 6.  Courage to change those things you do not want in your life 

 How the law of attraction can work in your life

1.  Fulfillment

2.  Satisfaction

3.  Love  

4.   Money

5.  More than enough in all areas of your life

When Doesn’t the Law of Attraction Work For Your Good?

The law of attraction determines the course of your future, and the successes or failure which you may encounter along the way.

The law of attraction does not always work the way that all parties involved would like it to.

Why is that?

After all, in the law of attraction is universal, why does it only work part of the time?

The answer to that is found in the minds of the people who are attempting to use it to their own benefit.

The only thing standing between you and success is yourself; this was discussed earlier.

If the mind is clogged with so much negative energy that it cannot release the positive vibes which will attract the positive energies of the universe, the law of attraction will not be able to help them.

They must first rid themselves of all of these negative vibes and start fresh.

Check out who you are surrounding yourself with; if you are surrounded my negative people then negative energy will be attracted to you.

If you want money to come into your life then you must stop surrounding yourself around broke people.


It may sound harsh and I am not advocating you not socialize with any particular person because of their financial status.

Look at it logically,  a person mindset will determine their financial status, health and attitude.

Limit your access to people who do not have the same mindset as yourself.

Get around people who have what you are looking for; knowledge, power, money or whatever it is you are seeking in your life and business.

Nicole S. Cooper made this video in reference to how not to attract broke people into your network.


It is true you become what you surround yourself with.



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