Who and What Are You Attracting In Your Life – Basic Law of Attraction


Have you ever ask yourself why you attract certain people in your life?

Why the opportunity of a life time seemingly pass you by.   

The Law of Attraction; a secret in the universe that can bring you good things or not so good things, believe it or not.

Have you ever looked at someone else life and say to yourself they seem to have happiness, wealth, and physical well-being all their life; why not me?

All those good things you want for you can be yours; if you will submit and apply a few basic concepts of the Law of Attraction.

Laws of Attraction

1.  Your Beliefs things you ponder on becomes your truths

2.  Your Will to do makes provision for the things you want to come into your life.

3.  Your Love a powerful energy the shines as bright as you let it to bring more love and its energy into your life.  

4.  Your Thoughts are energy and shape your reality.

 Results of Law of Attraction

All of the above you do by means of the Law of Attraction.

The energy you send out collects with like energy.

Then, the universe responds to your feelings by returning the energy back to you.

This happens for good or bad feelings.

We have thousands of thoughts entering and exiting our minds every day.

Everyday it  is healthy to have a feeling of happiness, gratitude, and well-being.

This will go further than trying to change every thought individually.



Feelings are important to the Law of Attraction.

It is important to adopt the feelings of joy and fulfillment. 

Many people feel that their lives can be no more than difficult work situations, unhappy relationships, poor health, and a mountain of debt.

Unless these people change their attitudes, they can never know the abundance they can get through the Law of Attraction.

There can never be a lack of anything that you want if you follow the Law of Attraction.

Thoughts of there is enough for everyone to have what they want.

This is especially true because some people want certain things and other people want something else.

Always remember what you want is always possible according to the laws of attraction.

“What you get is what you see.”  simply means when you see a result, you will vibrate with energy based on that result.

If you see good, you will send out good energy.

Any two people can see the same situation differently  and based on how each perceive that situation it can be good or bad.  

When you put out good energy it will return to you in the form of more positive results.


Beliefs Are Important In the Laws of Attraction


So, if you want positive results, you need to find a way to see the good in situations.

This is how the Law of Attraction works. If you see good, more good will return to you.

When you command the universe to give you what you want, you can get it.

To do this, you must believe in it.

Then, you must accept it as if you had already gotten it.

Then you will find the Law of Attraction bringing all kinds of good things your way.

When you believe in something you must conduct yourself and place yourself in a position to get what you are asking for.

Take for instance if you want a partner in your life who is positive and rich in those things you desire; you must do your best to be the best person you can be.

It will take you having a positive attitude, dressing and conducting yourself as the queen and king you are.  

It is more than about where expensive clothing or driving the most expensive car.

Be neat, clean, have a genuine smile, pleasant conversation and be in the right environment to meet the people you wish to  be involved with.


The Law of Attraction is at once both simple and complex.

You must only ask and receive.

Seek for those things you want in your life.

Read and listen to positive affirmations.  

Speak it out loud those positive things you want to bring into your life.  

Go through or create  the doors to walk  through where opportunity lies on the other side.

Do all things with confidence, you must work to restructure your whole way of thinking.




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