You Really Got A Hold Of Me: Getting The Crowd Attention In Your Business


You can influence your destiny through the power of the Law of Attraction.

The power of positive thought can change the way that you approach a situation and give yourself an exponentially greater chance to succeed.

People are attracted to people who are comfortable with their lives and their place in it.

This confidence will lead to attraction; attraction leads to not sitting home watching reruns on a Saturday night!

What can you do when you are the victim of a forbidden attraction?

Lets look at some common forbidden attributes.

Most common case of forbidden attraction.

1.   The attraction is not mutual

2.  Interest is with another person or company. (the person or client you are interested in has interest in something or someone  else)

3.  Contractual obligation

4.  rules against fraternization in the workplace

The person you are attracted to is already in a relationship with someone else.

The question that must be considered here is how serious their relationship is.

If they are merely casually dating with the understanding that they can each see other people if they so desire there is no reason to allow this to stop you from acting upon your interest.

On the other hand, if the relationship is an exclusive one it is better to establish a friendship and wait for that relationship to run its course than to attempt to act too soon.

If the man or woman who has caught your eye is married and living in a monogamous relationship with their spouse it is better to step aside than to continue to pursue the relationship.

The chances are good that they will not choose to end their marriage for you and there is only so long that an affair can continue without someone getting hurt.

It is not always the spouse of the other individual who finds themselves the victim of this situation; do you really want to go home at night knowing that the person you are dreaming of will be returning to someone else’s bed?

Another obstacle is often the rules against fraternization in the workplace.

If the affair ends could become a hostile environment. 

In business it is poor taste to go to someone else’s client and make cutting remarks about their business; instead talk about what your company can do or the benefits your company has that will bring added value to the client to get their attention

Operate your company with morals, integrity and transparency to win others. 

There are many other types of forbidden attraction, and these will continue to be discussed a bit later on in this collection; however, the ones above are the most common and should be handled with a great deal of care.

How can we draw positive energy toward ourselves and our business is by following the 6 things below.

 6 Ways To Get The Crowd Attention:

1. Show a feeling of gratitude.

2.  Focus on the good things in your life (positive energy)

3.   be aware of what kinds of thoughts

4.  Know what you want

5.  Don’t limit yourself to easy things to get

6.  Say it, write it, and believe in what you want


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